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You can start to live the life you want today! You don’t have to wait another minute!  To live the life you want, you first need to think about it and believe it, have faith and start working on it. Thoughts create feelings and feelings create actions.  You can do it! You can be successful at whatever it is you want to do.  It all starts with your mindset….

Book Brought to you by Chris Scott,

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About the Author

Chris Scott is a national multi- award winning dual engineer, author, professional speaker and the Founder and CEO of Positive Thought Solutions, LLC , in addition to I’m Black And. His book is titled “Control Your Mindset to Control Your Life, How to Develop and Maintain a Positive Mindset to Live the Life you Want.  Chris was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Detroit Mercy, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Lawrence Tech University and a Master’s Degree in Automotive Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan. In his work as a Senior Electrical and Automotive Engineer he has done technologically groundbreaking work, including helping design autonomous government vehicles and building and integrating high performance computing systems.  He struggled earlier in his life with depression, anxiety disorder and self confidence. What helped him was  a positive shift in his mindset, in regards to his faith, mental health therapy, his value and much more.  That is how he became successful and will continue to go to the next level in his life.  He got into professional speaking to be able to help people.  This book was 19 years in the making and includes  valuable information from Chris’ experiences and knowledge to help other people have that positive shift in their mindset to help them reach their dreams and goals.

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Why I wrote this book?

When did you begin to choose the life you are leading now? When did you decide on the job you have? When did you decide against going for the goals you want in your life? When did you stop pursuing the dreams you have?

Control Your Mindset to Control Your Life, is a book about your present reality and helping you develop the type of mindset to live the type of life you want.

Determination and belief are the starting points for success.   You probably heard the saying, “if you can’t believe it, you can’t achieve it and this is absolutely true.  Every business, every product or service that has been created in this world , someone had to first believe it!  Once, you believe it, be 100% determined to bring those visions of success and your dreams into fruition. Your imagination can change your situation!

Control Your Mindset to Control Your life will walk you through the steps to life changing answers and teach you to start asking the right questions. By learning how the mind works, we understand how to break the cycles that keep us from reaching our goals and dreams.  We can create positive neural networks that help us get to where we want to go.

Whether we know it or not, our energies are focused and those energies are working in our lives, for better or worse. Neural networks are created daily within your brain, based on what you think, say, read, hear and see.   You want to put yourself in a position to consume the things that are going to get you to live the life you want.

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